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Sunday, 07 July 2005

Be Healthy and Drug Free
To be healthy and drug free means much more than it sounds. It means turning down peer pressure, not using drugs, and not feeling the need to use drugs. Many people have died from drug overdose; including Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton's brother.

Computer crime
In the world of computers, computer fraud and computer  crime are very prevalent issues facing every computer user.  This ranges from system administrators to personal computer users who do work in the office or at home. Computers  without any means of security are vulnerable to attacks from  viruses, worms, and illegal computer hackers. If the proper steps are not taken, safe computing may become a thing of  the past. Many security measures are being implemented to  protect against illegalities.

Establishing and maintaining safe and healthful conditions required indemnifying hazards, evaluating their potential effects, developing ways to eliminate or control them and planning action priorities. This process is the essence of successful safety and health  management.

Stopping teens from smoking is a big challenge many communities face today. Many communities can only watch without action while local businesses continue to sell tobacco products to minors, even under risk of penalty of law.

Breast Implants
One of the first uses of silicone in a medical implant came in the form of lifesaving tubes implanted into young children to funnel excess fluid from the brain into the chest cavity, where the fluid could be safely metabolized and excreted. Since these "shunts" were first used, in the late 1950s, silicone in various forms has come to be an important part of many implants. "It is used in tracheotomy tubes, in artificial lenses for the eye, in artificial heart valves and in facial implants for birth defects or re-constructive surgery after cancer" (Ames) .The most widely used implementation of silicone is through breast re-constructive surgery through elective surgery of an individual, or re-constructive surgery to replace breasts due to women recovering from mastectomies from breast cancer or miscellaneous types of accidents.

The Trojan War - The story of TROY
The Trojan War took place in approximately the 13th century. The ancient Greeks defeated the City of Troy. The Trojan War started after an incident at the wedding feast of Peleus, the king of Thessaly, and Thetis, a sea goddess. All the gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus had been invited except Eris, the goddess of discord. Eris was offended and tried to stir up trouble among the guests at the feast. She sent a golden apple inscribed “For the most beautiful.” Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite each claimed the apple as their own. Paris judged the quarrel and awarded the apple to Aphrodite because she had promised him Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world. Helen was already married to Kin Menelaus of Sparta but when visited by Paris, she fled with Paris to Troy. Menelaus organized Greek war against Troy to get Helen back. The Greeks battled for ten years but could not defeat Troy. The fall of Troy occurred when the Greeks built a large hollow horse and placed it outside the walls of Troy. The Trojans took the horse inside and thought the had won the war and the horse was a gift from the Greeks. Later that night, the Greeks stormed from the horse and opened the gates to allow their fellow warriors in and the Greeks conquered the City of Troy.

Term papers - Custom term papers - Free term papers- Custom papers

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