Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Ghost paper?

A written document, term paper, assignment and/or essay compiled from scratch, with genuine bibliography, citations and references properly cited. These papers can be verified as all Ghost papers and are checked for plagiarism on every anti-plagiarism software used by any of your teachers and proof-read manually before delivery!

Q. Who writes the ghost paper?

Our writers are all qualified degree holders who are qualified to write papers at the level required for a term paper. As our papers are mostly for students, we believe a student can best understand the needs of other students. We refer your work to them according to their field of interest, and in some cases relevant qualification, so that they produce the best possible term papers.

Q. What if your paper is not what I wanted?

We guarantee a good research paper but we expect you as the customer to make changes so that the paper is ultimately your effort. We also offer a one-time FREE revision facility. To ensure a paper that matches your requirements, please give us as many details as you can when you order.

Q. What if I want to know the status of the paper?

You can check the status of your paper anytime on by emailing us at: Just input your transaction number and enquiry, mail to us and you will be forwarded with your order status immediately.

Q. Where can I see a sample?

To protect you and ourselves from accusations of plagiarism, we cannot upload our papers on the Internet. We can however, email extracts from some pre-written papers to you.

Refund Policy
Q. What if my paper is plagiarized?

In case, your paper is plagiarized which will never happen so you will need to have a proof of that, your payment will be refunded instantly.

Q. What if my paper is late?

If your paper is not delivered on time, a refund is applicable before receiving your order. Once the order is delivered, no refund requests will be entertained.